Blog040: Decisions, and insomnia

Decisions are a delicious mix of stress and action. The decisions, whether driven by eustress or stress can change the course of your life.

In today’s world I find a lot of people suffer from decision fatigue.

Too many choices, no apparent decisive path.

Decide if your path needs adjusting, it’s ok, someone more foolish than you with less experience and money has probably done what you’d like to do.

Life has an interesting way of feeling complex, yet it’s our mountain of decisions that got us here.

Spend some time figuring out what you enjoy. Figure out the things that make you fulfilled and want to do more of that and pursue those ideas with fervor.

Embrace the eustress, remove the stress from your life.

Authors side note: As I head into the deep well of video work I look at the enjoyable creative side and how I can combine my love of imagine making with my business. Embracing the eustress, I have decided to create a new venture. AMP Visual Media is the amalgamation of over 15yrs of work in the photography field, along with embracing a new creative team including some new people, and some old friends as well as a family member. AMP is a visual media company, making creative art in the photographic sense as well as motion media. Our goal is to create not only content for clients but to always make our own creations. In addition to this, the AMP team will undertake some key projects in 2020, if you’d like to be part of this process please reach out to us, we undertake a few creative (no client) projects a year and are always interested in hearing new stories. If you’re a company that needs some story driven marketing imagery (both stills and video) don’t hesitate in reaching out too!

Authors second note: Woke at 4am, and my mind is racing. The decision to wake up and goto work on this blog was purposeful, removing the stress from my mind. I find the writing helps that.