Blog003: The war of art, and why this book should be considered sacred

The war of art, by Steven Pressfield

“War is hell”

Have you ever attempted something in your life only to hit a brick wall, you found something that set your soul alight with positive energy then shortly after pursuing it you get a healthy does of reality. Or of “life”.

Turns out Steven Pressfield recognized this to the point of writing down probably the most influential books of my collection.

Creative works are some of the most overwhelming misunderstood businesses

If you’re a creative and want to quit, welcome to the club. This club has a plethora of members ranging from frustrated writers, guilt ridden activist to dreaming youtubers and tired painters.

You see I actually was audacious enough to think I was special in my troubles. That I alone was going through the wringer. I looked over instagram seeing artists I love get amazing opportunities, young guys 2 years out of school landing dream gigs. There I was plodding away, a wannabe artist, a guy with a dream too large for his small Ontario town.

Enter a few years of introspection, a few unhealthy bouts of crippling social anxiety and here I stand, waving this book like it’s gospel.

For an artist it’s as close as it’ll get.

Steven addresses most of the concerns you’ll have in this industry, in fact so alarmingly so you’d wager this book was written ala Truman show, with Steven watching your day to day, making interesting commentary about your strife.

There’s only a few books I’d buy twice (once in audiobook, God bless audible) and once in physical form, which has since been given to a dear friend who most certainly needs this helpful ass-kicking that is prescribed in this book. So I guess I better buy another copy for myself to mutilate with a highlighter.

I can say honestly there’s really only a handful of books that I’d re-read. This one skyrocketed to #1.

As an artist, or dreamer, you must take the 3hrs to read this acutely self aware book.

It’ll get you back into the right mindset asap.



What are you still doing here! Go! Read the book!