Blog005: Permission granted


Mindfulness and permissive behavior

It’s strange to say but we often don’t give ourselves permission.

One thing I’ve noticed recently in my day to day, is how much people don’t let themselves do. “I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet”, “I promised myself I would do my xyz, before I sit down to read that”.

What else are you not giving yourself permission to do? Are you the primary obstacle of that activity you’ve wanted to do? Are you holding yourself back from playing a musical instrument, learning a new language or finding time to get better at cooking?

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying go full wild west and let your each and every whim become a reality,  but rather internally start asking yourself:

“Am I holding myself back?” If you find yourself doing so, ask the simple question:


Why, is so powerful.

Why, can reveal to yourself, that dream you have somehow buried.

Why, is often the gatekeeper for your permission.

If you genuinely want to do something, the why quickly becomes moot. “I should start a YouTube channel”,  gets blocked by the why, because your subconscious efforts to hold status quo. If you start analyzing the why, you might find a deeper meaning, understanding and strength to that thing you haven’t allowed yourself to do. That YouTube channel concept suddenly reveals that you fear people will actually see you and call you out, make fun of you. Deeper introspection brings you to realise your fear of being separated from the pack, the tribe or the peer group you have become accustomed to. With that fear and obstacle now highlighted you can move forward and incorporate your peer group into you new adventure, or seek like minded individuals to join you on your journey.

Give yourself permission to fail.

Allow yourself to be imperfect and a student again.


You might just find a lifelong passion you’ve not allowed yourself to pursue.