Blog010: Time & portraits

A picture says a 1000 words

We’ve heard it so often, and we have become so inundated with images we often forget there was someone behind that camera, capturing that look, that moment, that FEELING.

We’re funny creature really, us humans (I endearingly use the term space monkeys on a rock), because we have become such a complex mixture of emotions, politics and world views that we are able to clash on things ranging from world peace, immigration, to why Lois Lane should’ve been sliced into pieces when Superman caught her in Superman. We also have unparalleled ability to love, to cultivate art and songs, share positive emotional activities, and introduce friends to the magic of “this new coffee I just found”.

This translates incredibly well into imagery. The emotions evoked from images can be truly astounding. “Iconic” images come to mind as we talk about photos that evoke emotions, but sometimes it’s the ones closer to home that are more interesting. The ones hiding in your phone or in a shoe box of slides left to you by your father as he “didn’t know what to do with them”.

What makes an image evoke feeling? It’s more than just lighting and angles…

It’s the magic between you the viewer and the photographed.

It’s the story you want to be a part of.

It’s place you never have seen, but hope to.

It’s a person you wish you could’ve saved.

It’s the love you never kissed.

It’s the pet that just knew you.

It’s the life you once knew.

It’s as incredibly intricate as you can imagine.