Blog019: Change.

Change and it’s power.

Embrace change, don’t fear it.

Recently a client admitted to me he was afraid of changing his brand visuals as he might alienate his target audience in his quest for more clients.

Change can be scary, it can make for sleepiness nights and fear creeps in, chunking away at your vision you had till it dials you back to the known.

Change, for the sake of change is something to fear, the new system to do the exact same thing is fruitless, time consuming mental drain that you don’t need.

Change, for the sake of progress is something to not only embrace, but to enjoy and revere.

Building a business is a venture into the realm of adventure, risk, excercises in patience, and love. Your goals may be varied but ultimately building a business has always been an ethos first, then a product and some kind of result. Add change to this and it can be powerful. It’s the admittance of “We can do better”, that your ways however refined can potentially be more effective, more interesting, more profitable.

For myself, as a creative, this blog is a change in direction for my efforts. I write these daily to talk about the things I notice sure. My underlying ethos is to help creatives (graphic designers, vfx, 3d, game producers, painters, singers, writers, photographers, makeup artists, etc) grab a tidbit of information that helps them change the way they do things for the better.

I love this industry, but there are many ways people are not getting the right kind of information. In the book “4 hour work week ~ Tim Ferriss” (most definitely on my 5 books for creative life building list (to be released soon)) Tim talks about his theory of an information starved diet. This process is powerful because it allows for you to refine the information to specifics. I want to use the blog to release key information to building a creative life. The business and the mindset required. Simply put I hope to share an aha moment, and allow your creative life to change for good!