Blog023: Thoughts on batching.

Batching 101.

Task batching is a used to maintain a productive day. By group similar tasks you can effectively use your days time, and in turn free up time to focus on other important tasks such as creative endeavours or special projects.

Creative use of email batching.

I love emails. Little conversations, usually focused enough to be send in an email, are a real treat in a world full of conversations about a large scope of things. Emails however can slow the day down dramatically, ESPECIALLY if you end up in a dreaded email group conversation (you know the ones where you read through a dozen responses to find the pertinent information?). Here’s a trick I’ve been using for just shy of a year now in regards to emails.

Pick 1 or 2 times to actively check email. I check email once a day at 11AM. That means 7AM-9AM I have open to get any miscellaneous editing tasks done, pre-production, reaching out to clients or talent, as well as simply getting a run in. Usually the email task can take 30-60min, so my day is back on track by noon. Some people are daunted by this, I do let my new clients know of my process, and inform them that anything super important, call me, or text me. Those are the 2 open channels I leave for immediate action, if it can wait 24hrs or more, email away.

The reason for this is more to focus my efforts, by task batching emails I remove information flow from that part of my work day, or weekend. This allows me to focus. I don’t have email notifications on any device. I’ve started adopting this with some of my messenger platforms, again to control my information flow.

Post-processing systems

Building a system for post processing doesn’t sound super ground breaking, however when you start piling together specific edits you start to realize how powerful it can be.

This can be as simple as colour grading each image consequentially, or as complex as applying a dodge and burn layer to each one. I work my way through the images, one step at a time.

Side note: It’s most helpful with colour reliant things as you can colour grade a bunch of images at the same time.

Adding batching into my days has made me a more productive creative. Look at your day and really assess the sectors that could use some task baching. You’ll be surprised!