Blog025: Kids menu

I can’t.

My daughter looked at the image to image drawing activity in the menu. For those of you unfamiliar with this, a simple cartoon character is placed into a 10×10 grid, beside it a 10×10 grid lays in wait for the young artist to copy the character using a grid to show where the lines go.

At first glance she was convinced that this complex character was impossible to look at. I sat her down and explained the grid, showed her a few of the lines and she set to the work. By the end of the meal time a fully formed character had been created, with guidance from the grid work.

How often do we tell ourselves we can’t?

When we do, is it really something that just needs reducing to smaller more palatable boxes?

“I can’t” is a powerful term, that can be vanquished by “I can”.

“I can” embraces failures to move forwards.

“I can” conquers inaction, with action.

“I can” gets you closer to your goals, “I can’t” you in your current situation.


If in doubt, draw that grid.