Blog026: Screen-less Sunday (The start of the experiment).

Screen-less Sundays, the experiment / life hack

The concept:

The idea came to me as I lamented not having enough time to read, we, as a family, should start a tradition / ethos / experiment, where we, as a family don’t indulge in any screen time. That means more books, more board games, and none of the above entertainment / productivity screens.

For one day of the week, the family shall shun technology and enjoy the world first hand.

The reason:

Simple enough, we are all so busy during the week, screens from phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, and PC’s are often driving our day. This means so much data is driven into us, at heavy amounts often. Over the next month we’ll try this new concept and see how it goes! I have my hopes, and expectations, but I am being pragmatic and leaving those at the door.

My hope, is that this detox day allows us to head into the week refreshed, and invigorated, any ideas, art or concepts will be hand written, I hope this leads to a more refined writing practice.

So Sunday blogs will be pre-written and scheduled during the week, so I can fulfill my promise to myself to blog for the year, which in itself will be a fun challenge.

I’ll check in on this in a month, and let you know if this worked out well (or not).