Blog038: Afraid

Stop running from yourself.

Colour falls off the screen like a glow of otherworldly energy. Everything has become nuanced, details somehow become more pertinent and less obvious all at the same time. There comes a point where you’re so lost within the spectrum of light it feels like you’re floating in an abyss. Or drowning in a dark lake.

Don’t let your life become too bustling to see the glow.

As we get older the image we project onto the world can become pallid. The imagination that fuelled us through childhood grows rusty, the oil of discovery falls away to stagnation and adulthood. Just like a rusted pan, with love, attention and purpose you can reinvigorate this.

Find yourself a selfish, foolish project that only feeds your soul.

Tomorrow look in the mirror and admire the time scarred eyes that stare back at you. Breathe. Find something just for you, art in it’s purest sense, and embrace it.

Stop running from yourself, face the human inside that yearns for creation.