The balance

Balance   Short post that will allow me to justify spending a few hours in Cinema 4D making a fun MoGraph idea. A relatively undiscussed facet of the visual media career is the triangle of balance. This concept, helps me with budgeting, and also allows me to be pragmatic in terms of bidding. This ones…

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I’m not ignoring you. (It’s a workflow thing)


Isolated workflow If you’ve spent any time with me you’ve probably heard me recommend a book, or five. My number one recommendation for everyone is Tim Ferriss’s 4-hour workweek. This (eye-catching) gaudily named book holds a myriad of techniques and processes that allow for the reader to achieve the “4-hour workweek”. It allows them to…

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The future of AMP (Building a brand)

The world is changing in different ways. As people take shelter from an invisible enemy, we’re seeing the best of humanity arise from both individuals and companies. The world changing in different ways, we’re now more connected than ever and online sources of interaction are growing in acceptance throughout the ages. Brands that are currently…

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Template shotlist for Clients and Photographers.

Photography Shotlist Template Build a successful, workable photography shotlist with a simple template. How to create an effective photography shotlist. Over the years I’ve been privy to a large mixture of shotlists. Ranging from overly complex to overly simple. I’ve created this workable template, so you can make sure your project has the best use…

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Blog043: Alignment, how creativity can supercharge your mindset.

Flow state initiated. The flow state is a term that athletes to artists have used to describe that moment where nothing else is in the fringes of the mind, it’s you and the task at hand. It’s that feeling you get when you’re aligned with your true-self. To encourage this flow-state / alignment we need…

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Blog037: Make your marketing pop! Pre-production tips from a commercial photographer.

Marketing and your brand

Marketing photography. Being a small company we love to see other businesses grow and succeed, photography for marketing across the world varies, but a few things remain constant. This is a brief guide to making your next shoot a success! Introducing the magical pre-production phase. Pre-production is all the work that happens upto the shoot.…

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Blog033: Instagram, Food, Badass Chef

Chef tasting food

Food porn, behind the scenes. Instagram! Happenstance is a beautiful thing. There I was between dropping off my hard-drive with Phil and getting a coffee, and Matt Demille (who was waiting for the book store to open). I’d been considering all my options for the day, and really needed to get out with the camera.…

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Blog032: Creative approach to video.

Getting started in video

Video. Let’s get started! If you’ve ever wanted to get started in any creative venture, you’ve realized there’s a few hurdles. Lets talk about the main ones that I see for getting started in video work. I love being a creative, and telling the stories in a single frame is something I hold near and…

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Blog027: How to find your photographer.

Finding a photographer

On-location, out of area. How to find a photographer? That can be tricky. One of amazing things about the internet is often how hidden artists can be. Finding an artist that’s right for your job can be daunting, here’s some ways to narrow down your selection.   Don’t worry about location, worry about style. Sure…

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Blog026: Screen-less Sunday (The start of the experiment).

Screen-less Sundays, the experiment / life hack The concept: The idea came to me as I lamented not having enough time to read, we, as a family, should start a tradition / ethos / experiment, where we, as a family don’t indulge in any screen time. That means more books, more board games, and none…

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