Full body aches

The sounds of someone rummaging around in the bathroom awakens me; midweek excitement of the school week. My mind slowly ascertains the presence of my body, then a singular thought echoes through the cobwebs of slumber.




Shit. I feel like I was pushed down a flight of stairs yesterday. Proudly, I grin, then slowly move off to the kitchen. Coincidentally, I should’ve known that it’d happen. The last time I seriously rock climbed I was 14, a wisp of a boy, with muscle mass far exceeding my bodies weight. Rock climbing was a breeze.


Yesterday I decided to rekindle a lost love of mine and head to the local bouldering gym.


Bouldering, for the uninitiated, is climbing without ropes. Its Technical walls, and variety of terrain, is designed to help climbers train. Without the paraphernalia that you’d usually require on climbing to higher heights. Being 10ft in the air with ropes gives you a feeling of freedom, that I had been craving for my whole life.


Good to meet you again old friend.


I wouldn’t have done this without a friendly bump from my yearly read of Tim Ferriss’s “4 hour work week”. Firstly, this horribly infomercial-esque named book (the name actually stopped me from reading this book for at least a few years) is in fact a key to living a life you love. Secondly, working through its pages remind me that sometimes being still and reflecting can help bolster my actions. Thirdly (and conclusively) it’s this books way of systemizing the ideas that make it a wonderful read. There’s a reason I have gifted over 20 copies of this book to various entrepreneurs and friends. Dear Tim if you’re reading this lets do coffee sometime!


Our experiences define us. Take time to craft your days, take some risks and enjoy your time on this world. Something as simple as trying out a new experience can have amazing effects on your world view.


Sometimes you need to climb without ropes.