I’m not ignoring you. (It’s a workflow thing)


Isolated workflow

If you’ve spent any time with me you’ve probably heard me recommend a book, or five.

My number one recommendation for everyone is Tim Ferriss’s 4-hour workweek. This (eye-catching) gaudily named book holds a myriad of techniques and processes that allow for the reader to achieve the “4-hour workweek”. It allows them to build their dreams into their day to day, liberating them from the humdrum of life. For anyone who has read this something becomes very apparent. Liberating this time, gives you time to develop something that you absolutely adore, and could be considered as work, yet offers a deeper journey as a craftsman. I love this and hope people can thrive and enjoy life.

1 year later of only answering emails once a day

The reason for the sidebar/book recommendation was to explain the source of this somewhat controversial technique. I read and answer emails once a day, usually around 10 am.

Focus is key here, I want to have pure focus, on task.

Building the work is our primary focus, by limiting distractions, we can build a mindset that builds the work, uninterrupted.

So don’t be fretful. When I don’t respond to your email immediately, take solace, I’m probably in “monk-mode”, solving an image problem!