Blog001 : Here’s the “Why”.

Why am I blogging?

365 days of stuff I notice.

Blogging has always been on the extremities of my work. I’ve written probably 20+ blog posts in my life, some for business, some for pleasure, mostly as a form of self expression. Here’s why I started writing a blog.

Over those blog posts I lacked an overall impetus, my words were simply driven by something I felt strongly enough about to post, and every word I wrote I thoroughly enjoyed. This post signifies a specific direction, a departure from my guarded self and a toe dip into content creation.

You see I’ve realized something over the last few years. I’ve been WANTING to do something, but have been scared to do so. I’ve wanted to create content both written and in video form, but really didn’t have the focus or vision to make it happen. Standing up and saying “I have something to say” is decidedly against my nature, in fact I can often be a bit introverted in larger groups. Small groups I love to mingle, and often can be boisterous. There’s that small nagging voice in my head that focuses on tearing down my spirit, keeping the status quo as long as it can.

So I’ve decided to change this approach, starting with a daily blog. I’ll write about things I notice in the world. I’ll talk about the things that have interested me that day, things that intrigued me, and above all things that I find help me to build upon my dream.

Writing a blog is as simple as simply starting, so….

Welcome to the journey.