The future of AMP (Building a brand)

The world is changing in different ways. As people take shelter from an invisible enemy, we’re seeing the best of humanity arise from both individuals and companies. The world changing in different ways, we’re now more connected than ever and online sources of interaction are growing in acceptance throughout the ages.

Brands that are currently brick and mortar, are rushing to the online markets and are working at understanding this medium. We have already begun making changes to the way we work.

We will be helping brands share their products and services services online by helping them, build out their e-commerce and unifying their brand with a core visual identity.

Please understand what you’re seeing is work in progress as we learn how to better build this service in order to help small to medium brands become e-commerce ready. We’ll share our progress, a rare insight to the process in which we build our business, hoping that along the way, this process can help you and your brand in some way.

Thanks for being truly humane, in these hard, uncertain times, we’ll all get through this together, and I believe the future post Covid-19 will be one of wonder, advancement and above all love of humanity.

Big love at you,